Eva's fotoWelcome to my recipe section.

As owner of Little Prague, I hope you'll try these Czech recipes, even if you can’t first sample
entrées in my restaurant first.
Our closest Friend, Allen, and I have been working on a cookbook for…
a while now.  (I promise him we’ll finish it!)  Meanwhile, we’re happy to
share a few selections from our Czech Cookbook-to-be.
Which reminds me, if you have Czech family favorite recipes you’d like
to share, please email them to us.  We’d love to taste-test them.  I might
even adapt one or two for Little Prague!

„Dobrou chuť!“  (Enjoy!)        --Eva

Selections from our cookbook (to be announced)
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from Appetizers: Stuffed Ham Rolls
from Beverages: Czech Coffee
from Breakfasts: Breakfast "crępe"
from Desserts: Strawberry Supreme
from Dumplings/Rice/Potatoes Potato Pancakes
from Fish: Trout Czech Style
from Game Meats: Roast Rabbit
from Goulashs: Moravian Goulash
from Meat:

Pork Roast, the national dish! The National Dish!

from Poultry: Eva's Roast Chicken
from Salads: Czech Coleslaw
from Soups: Potato Mushroom Soup
from Schnitzels: Pork Schnitzel
from Vegetables: Red Sweet-n-Sour Cabbage
from Vegetarian: Savoy Cabbage Schnitzel